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  • Model: Floraison No.2
  • Size: 3300*3000mm(W*H)
  • Area: 9.9 m2
  • Texture: plaster
  • Fabric: suture

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  • Installation of sutures
  • Installation of seamless
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  • Return policy

Installation of sutures

  Download the user manual

1. Storage Wallpaper FACTURA

1.1 Wallpaper to installation should be stored in a horizontal position. Wallpaper free from stretch film (in storage for more than one month).


2.1. Wallpaper "FACTURA" it is advisable to check immediately after receipt, but not necessarily before going to glue. Spread Wallpaper "FACTURA" on a clean surface, determine the sequence of labels of the bands, check, how to fit together the parts of the image.

2.2. Manufacturing defects are printing defects, discrepancy of the image on the adjacent bands more than 3 mm, mismatch of individual bands by color, color mismatch on the wall "FACTURA" and on the proof. Marriage is not a mismatch of colors on the Wallpaper, "FACTURA" and on the computer monitor.

3. Preparing Wallpaper FACTURA

3.1 Unfold the Wallpaper on a clean surface according to their pattern. If the backgrounds of several canvases, dock them and make sure that the pattern coincided. With the help of roulette carefully check the size of Wallpaper and pasted over the surface.

3.2 Marking Wallpapers FACTURA



1. The bottom of the wall

2. The number of bands and total number of bands

3. Order number

4. Date of manufacture


4.1. Prepare the walls before wallpapering. Remove from the walls of old Wallpaper, stains and dirt. If the walls were painted, you must remove from the walls all the paint.

4.2. In the presence on the walls of cracks and irregularities must be repaired.

4.3. Basically, the wall (including drywall sheets) must be aligned to putty and treated with acrylic primer of deep penetration. If the composition of the primer no antiseptic, in addition to antiseptic

4.5. Various defects in the walls, if not removed in their preparation, will be visible after the Wallpaper has been hung and can affect the quality of pasting (may cause so-called "bubbles" in the paintings of Wallpaper, the discrepancy between the joints paintings Wallpapers, paintings peeling Wallpaper, etc.)

4.6. Basically, the surface must be dry, smooth, solid, slightly rough, solid, slightly absorbent, neutral (without the presence of alkalis), without dust, grease, cracks, bumps, dirt, stains, traces of paint.

4.7. Not to glue the Wallpaper on not fully dried out of the wall. Otherwise, possible undesired color change and peeling Wallpaper.

4.8. The humidity of the room in which pasted Wallpaper should be about 40%. Work on gluing Wallpaper should be done at room temperature 18-25°C.

4.9. The wall surface should be uniformly bright.


5.1. Use for wallpapering only the appropriate type of Wallpaper adhesive Quelyd SEMIN SPECIAL INTERLINING. For textures: Sand, Plaster, Canvas , you must use glue for vinyl Wallpaper on non-woven basis.

5.2. Dilute and apply adhesive in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

5.3 Select the fabric that will be pasted first. Apply the glue evenly on the wall with a roller and brush. The adhesive on the wall, apply on the size of the prepared fabric with the right stock in 150mm. Start okleinanie. If necessary, brush podmate glue the edges of Wallpaper and roll the joint special roller or a wallpapering spatula.


6.1. When gluing, do not expose the adhesive to the surface of the Wallpaper, glue stains, and are not guaranteed of their complete elimination.

6.2. The glue spots can be removed with a damp cloth. Do not RUB the glue on the canvas, it needs to literally "wash away" and not be washed from the surface.

6.3. All he adhesive should be immediately removed before it dries, otherwise the glue may react with the ink layer, which will lead to negative consequences.

6.4. In the process of wallpapering and drying avoid drafts in the room and temperature changes.

6.5. Do not ventilate and covered unheated premises, do not make other repairs until the Wallpaper is dry (at least 24 hours, better 48 hours).

6.6. Markup coatings never use ink-pencils, pens, markers, and ballpoint pens.

6.7. When gluing, do not RUB the surface of the Wallpaper is too hard and long, do not scratch the Wallpaper.

6.8 drying Time Wallpaper 1-3 days. During drying, do not open the Windows in the room where the were stuck to the Wallpaper and to prevent drafts. If the Wallpaper were air bubbles you can remove them with Wallpaper glue and a medical syringe with a thick needle. Type in a Wallpaper glue syringe, put the needle, gently puncture the bubble and squeeze inside the bladder a small amount of glue. Smooth bubble Wallpaper with a spatula, squeezing the excess glue through the hole from the needle.

Installation of seamless

  Download the user manual



1.1 Wallpaper to installation should be stored in a horizontal position. Wallpaper free from stretch film (in storage for more than one month).


It is preferred to check the «FACTURA» wallpaper right after receiving, but always before you are going to hang it. Place the FACTURA wallpaper on a clean surface, identify the sequence of the pieces to hang, check how pieces of the image match together.

2.2. Manufacturing defects are print defects, pattern mismatch on pieces of more than 3 mm, separate pieces color difference, color difference between FACTURA wallpaper and color proof. A defect is not a color difference between the FACTURA wallpaper color and the color on a computer monitor.


3.1 Place the wallpaper on a clean surface according to the pattern on them. If the wallpaper consist of several pieces, match them and make sure that the pattern is completely matched. Using a tape measure carefully check the size of the wallpaper and the surface to cover.

3.2. FACTURA wallpaper marking



1 - Bottom of the wall
2 - Piece number and total number of pieces
3 - Order number
4 - Manufacture date


Prepare the walls before wallpapering. Remove old wallpaper, dirt and stains. If the walls are painted, all paint must be removed.

4.2. If there are cracks and irregularities on the walls, they must be fixed.

4.3. The surface (including drywall sheets) must be flattened, plastered and coated with acrylic deep penetration primer. If there is no antiseptic in the primer, cover the surface additionally with an antiseptic.

4.4. Various wall defects that were not removed while preparation can be visible after the wallpaper is hung and may affect the quality of wallpaper (so-called «bubbles» may appear on the wallpaper, as well as wallpaper seams mismatch, wallpaper peeling off, etc.)

4.5. The surface must be dry, flat, hard, slightly rough, firm, slightly absorbent, neutral (with no alkalines), with no dust, grease, cracks, irregularities, dirt, stains, paint traces.

4.6. Do not hang wallpaper on non completely dry walls. Otherwise unwanted color changes and wallpaper flaking may occur.

4.7. The humidity of the room where hanging wallpaper should be about 40%. Hang wallpaper at a room temperature 18-25 ° С.

4.8. The surface of the walls should be equally light.


5.1. Use glue that is suitable for wallpaper type - SEMIN or Quelyd SPETS-FLIZELIN

5.2. Prepare and apply glue according to the manufacturer instructions.

5.3. Select the piece of wallpaper to hang first. Apply the glue evenly to the wall with a roller and brush. Apply the glue on the wall respectively to a wallpaper piece with extra 150mm to the right. Start hanging. If necessary, apply glue to the edges of the wallpaper with a brush and roll the seam with a special roller or wallpaper spatula. Wallpaper is hanging with no gaps between seams.


6.1. While hanging keep the wallpaper clean of glue as it leaves stains, and their complete removal is not guaranteed.

6.2. Glue stains can be removed with a wet cloth. Do not rub the glue over the wallpaper, it must be literally «rinsed off» and not rubbed off the surface.

6.3. Any glue excesses must be removed immediately before it dry, otherwise the glue may react with the ink layer and cause negative consequences.

6.4. Avoid drafts and temperature fluctuations during the wallpapering and drying process.

6.5. Do not ventilate or heat the wallpapered room, do not make other repairs until the wallpaper is dry (at least 24 hours, preferably 48 hours).

6.6. Never use copying pencil, marker pens or ballpoint pens to mark surfaces.

6.7. When wallpapering do not rub the surface of the wallpaper for too long, do not scratch the wallpaper.

6.8. Wallpaper drying time 1-3 days. When drying do not open windows in the room where wallpaper was hung to avoid drafts. If air bubbles appeared on the wallpaper, they can be removed by using a wallpaper glue and a medical syringe with a thick needle. Fill the syringe with wallpaper glue, put on a needle, carefully pierce the bubble and squeeze a small amount of glue into the bubble. Smooth the bubble with a wallpaper spatula, squeezing the excess glue through the hole.


The manufacturer is not responsible for damage to the FACTURA wallpaper due to improper storage, improper installation (hanging) and fixing of the FACTURA wallpaper, improper use, as well as due to intentional or careless damage to the wallpaper by third parties.

7.2. The manufacturer is not responsible for a possible discrepancy between the dimensions specified by the Customer and the actual dimensions of the surfaces on which the photo wallpaper to be installed and related image mismatch.

7.3. The manufacturer of the FACTURA wallpaper is not responsible for the complete or partial FACTURA wallpaper peeling off due to inappropriate surface preparation.

7.4. Claims of color mismatch, color defects, size discrepancy or poor-quality image after applying glue to at least one part of FACTURA wallpaper or after complete or partial hanging of FACTURA wallpaper are not accepted.


  • Wallpaper on non-woven
  • Simplicity and ease of installation
  • Fire safety (grades G2, KM3)
  • Dimensional stability (no shrinkage and deformation)
  • Environmental safety(there are sanitary certificates)
  • Brightness, color saturation, correct color reproduction
  • Guarantee from fading – at least 5 years under the direct sunlight
  • Durability (Wallpaper can be washed, resistant to mechanical damage)
  • Weight — 300 grams per m2



How to order

1. Order Wallpaper FACTURA must apply on the website under the selected model.

2. You get the layout of the wall for approval by email. The layout is a reduced view of a wall, where under a certain size to fit the image.

3. After approval of the layout we will bill. Order Wallpaper FACTURA is performed after 100% prepayment via Bank card. To select payment by credit card on the appropriate page, you must click the button "Pay by credit card". Payment is made via SBERBANK Bank cards the following payment systems:

4. After payment of the invoice starts manufacture of Wallpaper. The making of the order 2-4 days.


5. Ready Wallpapers are delivered by the transport company at the address of the recipient, or waiting for the customer in our showroom in ARTPLAY in the case of registration of ex.


We deliver all over Russia and CIS countries. The shipping cost depends on the selected region and is calculated individually. Delivery time - from 2 to 6 days depending on the selected region.

Wallpaper FACTURA securely Packed in a strong tube of cardboard. Close the tubes with metal caps and are secured with a proprietary tape. In a tube with Wallpaper, wrapped with protective film, will be in your documents (KP, a contract for payment, the usage information).

Pickup from the store – Petersburg, Krasnogvardeyskaya square, 3rd floor, E3 188
MON-SUN from 10:00 to 22:00

Moscow (1-2 walls) 11 EUR. 2-3 days.

Saint Petersburg (1-2 walls) 8 EUR. 1-2 days.

Throughout Russia (1-2 walls) 13 EUR. In addition to SPb and Moscow

More than 2 walls (shipping is calculated individually)

Worldwide shipping is calculated individually

Return policy

Wallpaper "FACTURA" are made to order.

The refund for Wallpaper "FACTURA" is possible in case of detecting manufacturing defect within 10 days after receipt of the goods.

Manufacturing defects are printing defects, discrepancy of the image on the adjacent lane more than 3 mm, mismatch of individual bands by color, color mismatch on the wall "FACTURA" and on the proof. A manufacturing defect is a mismatch of colors on the Wallpaper, "FACTURA" and on the computer monitor.

All claims for quality and presence of defects in the manufacture of Wallpaper "FACTURA" can be satisfied only prior to the commencement of installation of the Wallpaper is "FACTURA". This provision is entered in connection with the inability to reliably determine the cause of the origin of marriage or of deterioration in the quality of the Wallpaper "FACTURA" after the implementation of their installation.

The supplier is not responsible for damage to the Wallpaper because of improper storage, improper installation (gluing) and fixing Wallpaper, wrong operation, and also due to intentional or reckless damage to the Wallpaper by any third party.

To report the detection of a marriage by phone: tel: 8 (812) 900-87-96 or by mail shop@ffactura.ru

The deadline for the return of goods of proper quality within 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods.
Money refund is made to Your Bank account within 5-30 working days (the date depends on the Bank that issued Your Bank card).