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Vivid designs and ideas Wallpaper FACTURA


How to paste Wallpaper FACTURA?

Instructions for wallpapering from the company FACTURA
All you need is to acquire the necessary tools and follow our instructions.

Tools needed:

  • The pressure roller
  • Adhesive for non-woven Wallpaper
  • Stationery knife
  • Disposable towels
  • Measuring tape
  • Spatula Wallpaper
  • Bath painting


Instructions for gluing:

  1. Check the layout and read the instructions. Compare the size of the layout (width, height) with the dimensions of the finished Wallpaper. Everything should be the same.
  2. Smooth, smooth and clean the wall to be primed before papering. Use quality primer to the Wallpaper (not the concentrate).
  3. Do the layout on the wall.
  4. Prepare the glue. Recommend using a quality adhesive for non-woven Wallpaper (SEMIN, QUELYD). The glue should be diluted with water according to instructions.
  5. Evenly apply the adhesive only to the wall.
  6. Dry leaf Wallpaper glue on the wall exactly in the markup. Smooths Wallpaper only disposable rubber roller. Then glue the second leaf Wallpaper and dock the figure.
  7. Wallpaper seam processed with a plastic roller. To display the remains of the glue from the joint, you need to put a wet towel and walk on it with a plastic roller as shown in the video.
  8. Turn off the lights and lit the wall on one side only. This will help to detect the remaining bubbles.
  9. Bring bubbles disposable rubber roller, bringing the bubbles to the edge.
  10. Leave the wall to dry and check it the next day.



  • Double priming is necessary because of the use of dry bulk materials, which are very weak. Putty in the interaction with the glue liquefies. The resulting slurry comes out through the joints. Right programowanie wall reinforce plaster, and Wallpaper blade quickly bonded with glue and the wall.
  • Recommend using glue, which is PVA. It is applied in thin layers, thanks to the joints come out a minimal amount of excess glue.
  • When wallpapering FACTURA glue is processed only wall, because the material of Wallpaper is the interlining.
  • Rubber cushion can absorb paint Wallpaper. Therefore, you must use only disposable rubber roller.


Download the manual from wallpapering is possible here, in the section "How to glue".

Happy viewing!

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